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The crystal's clouding.

Retrograde Jupiter's residence in Scorpio is hardly conducive to relationships or contracts. Think positive: could there be a better chunk of time to hone your skills on either or both matters? Hear that faint toot far in the distance?

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Cavalry to the rescue! The week has a "What's it all about, Alfie? How long since you questioned the Meaning of Life? Years ago? Or just last night?


Friends, colleagues, even lovers threaten make-it-or break-it challenges. At the same time, one has the power to turn a dream into destiny. How sweet it is!

Romantic developments have an "Aha! Is it the real thing?

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Michele Knight

Or another case of faux intimacy? You may well ask! Some Crabs are frolicking in the petunias; others struggle to turn up the heat on an affair turned tepid. Do you and Capricorn know one another? Oh happy week! If you sense the whole world watching, you sense right. Stake your claim to a place in the sun. You're the birthday kid, your personal year is just beginning. Make a decision. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Saturn, hunkered down in your so-called fun house, takes a toll on ambitious Virgos-- yet Jupiter in your chat and charm center carries moments of truth potential.

Virgins face big deal decisions--like maybe power in the world as opposed to power in bed.

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You feel things strongly, but may have hesitated to express yourself. Everybody knows you're brainy, but how are you dealing with that edge?

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This's the time when "just a job" could morph full scale into a career. All that soul searching--Who am I? What do I really want? How long since you pondered those biggies? You can't remember?


Get ready to address them now. Mars and Mercury are about to jump start your higher cosciousness. Sound trippy? You got it. Send postcards. Big bucks are a top priority. At the same time, passions-faux or otherwise-run high. You won't want to deny yourself anything.

So much sound and fury and summer has bearly settled in. We're talking contracts and responsibility. Brace yourself for fireworks-or at least sparklers. Someone is sure to light your fire.

Minerva's Sunday horoscope: 8/11/19

Sometimes your Starcast correctly refers to astrological events in the week ahead. Caption Close. Image 1 of Back to Gallery. Most Popular. The wedding still happened. Oakland mayor confirms A's may go to Vegas if suit isn't dropped. SF judge wants Betsy DeVos held in contempt for violating order.

Wildfire closes Yosemite route, forces evacuations. Richard Sherman says he was showed up. Video says otherwise. Opinion: Why this latest Trump tactic is different. Teen says school has a rapist.

sfgate horoscope libra Sfgate horoscope libra
sfgate horoscope libra Sfgate horoscope libra
sfgate horoscope libra Sfgate horoscope libra
sfgate horoscope libra Sfgate horoscope libra
sfgate horoscope libra Sfgate horoscope libra

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