January 25 moon astrology

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It has the wonderful conjunction of Venus with Jupiter which finds both planets together in a trine aspect to Mars. An aspect of popularity that brings new acquaintances, love opportunities and favors action towards new collaborations. This conjunction also forms a square aspect to Neptune, so our attention is needed, as we are permanently done with the past, to properly evaluate the new, and not make the mistake of having unrealistic expectations or coloring it with pink glasses.

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So, on a personal level, this difficult eclipse may initially bring uncertainty and insecurity, but let us remember that with self-control, adaptability and acceptance of change, we will be able to manage the new situations and exploit the opportunities it will create for us. Continue here for complete aspect analysis and to read how the eclipse will affect on a cosmic level.

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    Mars enters Scorpio

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    What’s My Moon Sign?

    This can be considered a stage of conflict, but also of building. Things are beginning to take off and to gain momentum. The First Quarter Moon is a time for taking action, not for contemplation or reflection. A time for organizing, integrating, and planning.

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    • Full exposure and illumination come at the Full Moon stage. The plan bears fruit, blossoms, or culminates. A new perspective can emerge now. Information has now been revealed. Going public may be in order.

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      On Month's Astrology - I explained the following Making an important change because "it" is right for you. Full Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus defines major changes in sync with a new phase of life. Taurus Full Moon will be "doing" something for everyone. There will be 3 versions of what Sun in Scorpio - with - Full Moon in Taurus will be doing for everyone.

      You'll know which category you are - and - hence - you'll know what to expect between anytime from 8th November - energizing and being completely in your life. Events and coincidences - moving things out of your life - moving things into your life - the Full Moon in Earth Sign of Taurus - will be "yoga of karma" events will create REAL LIFE "movement" and changes in your life - in sync with your destined destiny.

      Unlocked at the Full Moon - irreversible feelings and strong emotions will propel and motivate you to do whatever life needs you to do - until at least 30th November [or until 24th December] - or until you've arrived at your destined destination of long-term stability.

      November 12222

      You're inclined to be more "feminine" and "refined" in your attitude to life. The 1st group - trust in life - trust in destiny - and - you believe that sooner or later things will change - hence - you're patient and wait for things to happen. You could be compared to a shop-store owner - you've got your doors open to business - you've got the display of your goods for everyone to see - and - then - you WAIT for people to be attracted to you - you WAIT for destiny to happen to you.

      Depending on how "dead-boring" your life has been - will define how much needs to change - how much must change - and - how many things will be happening to put your life back-on-track. Now you could be a Feminine StarSign but have in some areas of your life - a "Masculine" aggression of wanting what you want and "pushy" in your nature to get it.

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