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We make relationships start by paying attention to the other person, and keep them going by participating. We giggle at the joke of the guy who comes into our work to buy a coke and we end up in a multi-year, gif-sharing friendship. We keep the fires of hatred burning with our neighbor by assuming she left her stinking garbage out just to ruin your day.

The Definition/Meaning of the Descendant + Calculate your Descendant

The descendant lies exactly opposite its more famous twin, the ascendant, or rising. To find your descendant sign, look across a zodiac wheel from your rising sign.

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Our descendant belongs to us as much as our ascendant does. As enough relationship experience will eventually teach us. A Libra rising person, for instance, feels expected to be nice.

That Libra rising guy will be drawn to versions of his Aries descendant: girlfriends who box, boyfriends with megaphones, ambitious types, selfish and maybe violent ones, firebrands and friends and partners who get him into trouble. Following the lead of his Arian collaborators, Libra rising leaps off cliffs, plays chicken, goes to protests and gets arrested, and is thrilled or scared, or dismayed to discover this new side of himself.

By hanging out with selfish jerks the worst exaggeration of Aries energy , Libra rising is forced to fight back. His 7 th house girlfriend may the only one who notices that actually nice Libra rising can be kind of an asshole. Check out the Mini Reports available to get what you need to move forward with your astrological understanding.

Find Your Descendant Sign

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Reviews 6. March 3, Well worth the investigation. I wish it had a little info about what the aspects mean. Otherwise, great. March 2, Thorough report as always from Astrofix and easily understood.

Descendant Reveals What We Reject in Ourselves & Project Onto Others

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find descendant astrology Find descendant astrology
find descendant astrology Find descendant astrology
find descendant astrology Find descendant astrology
find descendant astrology Find descendant astrology
find descendant astrology Find descendant astrology

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